15 Jun, 2016

Sustainable refrigeration at the right price

It’s better for the environment, simple and inexpensive, and offers the same first-class performance as Green & Cool’s other products are renowned for. Green & Cool’s compact new condensing unit is attracting plenty of attention.

Green & Cool is now working flat out to meet demand following the launch of CO2Y.

“CO2Y uses environmentally friendly carbon dioxide as a refrigerant, but it can still compete with conventional refrigeration units on price. Now there is no longer any reason not to choose a green alternative,” says Micael Antonsson, Technical Director at Green & Cool.

CO2Y attracted a great deal of attention at the ATMOsphere conference in Barcelona in April, where it was first introduced. The unit is the first in a series of models that are all designed for businesses with smaller refrigeration requirements, such as small stores and petrol stations. The first version is intended to provide refrigeration and AC, while the next one will be a freezer unit.

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