10 Dec, 2014

Ideal for restricted spaces with strict noise requirements

Green & Cool’s latest innovation, the CO2NVINPACK GC8, was specially developed for situations where space is limited and where low noise is an especially important requirement.

“By rotating the condenser through ninety degrees we are able to use large, quiet-running fans with a low air flow, without taking up extra floor space,” says Micael Antonsson, Technical Director at Green & Cool.

The first unit with this specification will soon be delivered to a chain of petrol stations with ambitious plans in the UK market. Air will flow through the unit horizontally, so it can be installed in an area where space is tight. The CO2NVINPACK GC8 unit is available in Mistral, Crystal and Sirocco models, in other words for single, double or triple temperature ranges. The CO2NVINPACK GC8 unit is ideal for small supermarkets and other businesses with similar refrigeration needs.

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14 Oct, 2014

Europe’s first ice arena with transcritical CO2 refrigeration

In early 2013 the roof of the ice arena collapsed in the little community of Gimo in Östhammar municipality, about 120 kilometres north of Stockholm, Sweden. When the building was restored in 2014, a new cooling system and ice rink were installed. CO2 refrigeration from Green & Cool was chosen, making the Gimo ice arena the first in Europe to cool its ice rink using pure CO2 technology. The unit from Green & Cool was delivered and installed by Industry & Laboratoriekyl.

“Working together with Green & Cool, we have resolved the oil handling issue, which now makes it possible to use only CO2 as refrigerant also in ice rinks. The concept is very beneficial for clients. We are about to launch a major marketing campaign along with Green & Cool, including a website about ice rinks and CO2 refrigeration,” says Patrik Larsson, CEO, Industri & Laboratoriekyl.

The unit in Gimo ice arena is a Green & Cool Mistral, with an effect of 250 KW. The unit naturally also has heat recovery. Most of the waste heat from the cooling process is recovered and used for site heating and hot water. Excess heat is transferred to five drilled wells, 200 metres deep, which provide geothermal energy storage.

8 Oct, 2014

New, compact and cost-effective unit for small to medium-sized supermarkets

In September, Green & Cool’s reseller Arctis delivered the new CRYSTAL GC3 CO₂NVINPACK to Eurospar, in Gjern, central Denmark. This dual-temperature, outdoor condensing unit is a compact and cost-effective option – with the renowned Green & Cool quality showing in every detail. The cooling capacity of the unit in Gjern is 31 kW MT and 18 kW LT. The CO₂NVINPACK series is specially designed to fit small to medium-sized supermarkets, but also works well for other businesses with similar refrigeration needs.

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