19 Oct, 2015

Major investment in production

Green & Cool’s products are popular – so popular that for a while production was unable to keep up with demand. In response, Green & Cool has stepped up production capacity at the Profoid factory in France considerably, and introduced an advanced quality control programme.

“We had anticipated that demand would rise with the introduction of the F gas regulations on 1 January 2015. But the level of interest was significantly higher than we forecast, and when we could not keep up it affected our customers. As a result of the investment in production we can now live up to our promised delivery times,” says Micael Antonsson, Marketing Manager at Green & Cool.

Green & Cool uses environmentally-friendly carbon dioxide as a refrigerant, and is the natural choice of supplier for companies that accept their environmental responsibility and at the same time set high standards of operational reliability. The wide range of products appeals to companies of various sizes that are ready to invest in modern refrigeration equipment that meets strict environmental, financial and reliability criteria.

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