Green & Cool units are always delivered as complete units for plug-and-play installation. We also offer an extensive list of options.
  • Communication interface, for example, Danfoss, Carel, RDM • Modbus (open protocol)
  • Customer-specific modification of control system
  • Control of external pumps and valves for heat reclaim
  • Boil protection for heat exchangers
  • By-pass valve and check valve for gas cooler
  • Control of external valve for adiabatic water system
  • Liquid level transmitter in receiver (indicates actual level)
  • Co2ilclean logic to reverse gas cooler fans for cleaning debris from the coils
  • Light and power socket inside electrical panel
  • Limp home back up. Increase the reliability with a redun- dant control system, the unit can run at reduced capacity.
  • Energy meter for the entire unit or for LT/MT/HT separately • UPS battery back up system
  • Lightning protection
  • Electrical cabinet IP54
  • Liquid injection suction line MT system by expansion valve • Inverter MT / LT / HT
  • Hydraulic module
  • Flash gas valve


  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Adaptation of design pressures
  • Different receiver volumes
  • Suction and liquid filter
  • Resilience unit
  • K65 connections (if SS piping)
  • Service valve 1⁄4″ any position
  • Suction accumulator for low temperature applications • Suction accumulator LT
  • Specific service packs
  • Plate heat exchangers, for example:
    – Hot gas desuperheater MT/LT
    – Liquid cooled gas cooler
    – Liquid cooled sub cooler in any position
    – Evaporator
    – Suction gas heat exchanger MT/LT


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    Happy summer!

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  • 17 Oct, 2016

    More applications for CO2Y

    The recent launch of CO2Y, Green & Cool’s compact condensing unit, has been warmly welcomed by the market. CO2Y was developed to provide businesses that have less-demanding refrigeration requirements, such as small shops and petrol stations, with an affordable and uncomplicated, but environmentally friendly, option. It now turns out that the range of applications is […]

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    Sustainable refrigeration at the right price

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